About Total Salon Image

Carolyn Young, a CEO of Total Salon Image Agency, a head Sales Rep of the West-Coast, a Mentor to Tomorrows Future Rising Stars and Future Generations to come. After permanently relocating to Los Angeles, Carolyn has branded a name for herself by taking the Hair Industry by storm. She displays her expert sales rep skills and approaches to settle huge deals and projects with some of the biggest names in the industry. Carolyn put her Heart, Mind, Soul, and Passion into everything that is the Hair Industry, that some may call, “Crazy Carolyn.” has brought the hair industry two well-known, influential, impeccable people formally known as Neeko-Abriol, Kim Kimble, Patric Bradley, Johnny Blaze, Darico Jackson, Adam Tran, Vito Esposito, who have made a pretty huge impact.


After taking the industry by storm, Carolyn has continuously displayed the true importance and factors that the industry has strayed away from. Those factors are revolved around education, the importance of incorporating Young People, in order to properly build strong generations to come. For instance, she has caused another impact in the industry by bringing up TSI’s Rising Stars Lena Jaye’ and Brand-New James. These Young Rising Stars are proof of the vision Carolyn wishes for others to see, people interacting, sharing techniques/approaches, sharing their knowledge through education that’ll benefit everyone’s career and their life.


You may see Carolyn Young as just an agent in the industry, but she’s a mentor who truly brings the best out in anyone. She’s an inspirational person who’ll have you convinced you can take anything on and accomplish anything you set your mind to. Mark these words you have yet see all that Carolyn Young Can Do!



Today, Carolyn is the foremost expert in product placement and design as well as a marketing and promotions guru. Carolyn has sought out what new approaches to take in staying relevant in today’s industry, and found that approach in young people, specifically 30 & under. Young people know the hottest creative tactics of today that keeps everything relevant. Carolyn dedicated herself to uplifting the young upcoming generations by providing the proper tools and guidance establishing an intern program partnering with the Royal Black Publication Company, Upscale Magazine established by CEO Bernard Bronner. Every person Carolyn Young touches wins, because she brings the best out of everyone.   Associates to include:

  • Video Production (TV Commercials & Web Viral Videos)

  • Photographic and Graphic Services (Ad Designs/Layouts)

  • Consulting Services: Tradeshows, Hair Shows and Educational Seminars on the West Coast (California, Nevada & Arizona)